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World’s fastest bullet train, Shinkansen ALFA-X gets tested in Japan



World's fastest bullet train, Shinkansen ALFA-X

World’s fastest bullet train, Shinkansen ALFA-X gets tested in Japan

Shinkansen ALFA-X

                  Shinkansen ALFA-X

A bullet train that’s capable of a cruising speed faster than a NASCAR and Formula One?

Sound quite impossible to you, right?

Well,i thought the same way at first. However, it isn’t mere imagination. The latest bullet train in japan, Shinkansen ALFA-X, is capable of traveling at 400 kph or roughly 250 mph. Despite that operators will keep the train’s speed at 360 kph (225 mph) for the sake of passengers, it’s still incredibly fast.

This speed surpasses that of a Chinese train called Fuxing.



Fuxing is a series of electric multiple unit high-speed trains operated by China Railway Corporation. The Fuxing carries passengers at 350 kpm but can attain speed to 400 kph just like the Shinkansen. For the fact that the Shinkansen ALFA-X speed is kept at 360 kph and that of chinese Fuxing at 350kpm, the Shinkansen is officially the fastest bullet train in the world.

Test on the Shinkansen ALFA-X

Twice a week for three years, a series of test runs will take place on the Shinkansen ALFA-X. The trials will be made at midnight on routes between Aomori and Sendai.

On the front and rear end of the train is a 72-foot long tapered nose for optimal aerodynamics. For the brakes, it will use a combination of roof-mounted air brakes and magnetic plates underneath and will carry up to ten passenger cars.

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Till all adequate test run are completed, the ALFA-X is suspended to take on passengers until 2030. But there are still fast bullet train you can use for your transportation. The Japan’s maglev operates with passengers at 500 kph (video above). By 2020, the japan Shinkansen N700S that travels at 300 kph, which is still quite fast but considered safe, will begin operation.

Japan Maglev

Japan Maglev

Check out the video of the Japan Maglev bullet train below:

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